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Welcome! Y'all c'mon in.

 Radical-Knight was intended originally, to be an alternate online moniker or avatar when the name "Tracer" was not readily available or had been preempted by someone else. Radical-Knight, also an alter-ego, is somewhat more opinionated; especially when confronted by closed-minded individuals who consider views and opinions not of their orientation, worthy only of ridicule and insults. This being easier in their case rather than supporting their perspectives with sources or reason. In most cases, I ignore the comments of such immaturity by considering that those who purposely try to insult others, rudely slander or resort to obscenities have already lost their argument. Some self-styled elites do, however, attempt utilizing obscenities in insults and ridicule of those they consider below their status, though without style, talent or even grâce imaginaire; lacking any apparent proficiency.

Years ago, I had little concern regarding what people thought of my attitude. I did what I wanted when I bloody-well felt like it. Personally, I've never been popular or charismatic while growing up and grew to accept being something of a loner. While I pretty much kept my views and opinions to myself, I considered my thoughts as valid as anyone else's viewpoint.


I'm now striving to be more accepting and understanding of the perspectives of others and at least understand their reasons even if I don't fully agree; and in so doing, still receiving grief from those objecting to my attempts to better myself.



Me and my Shadow (VT1100C Spirit)




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