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Dan Farris

Favorite Music

I have a collection of old TV Themes which are fun to play and guess what shows they belong to. The music I prefer are Classical music, primarily symphonic and orchestral, Moody Blues, Styx, Queen, Popular music of the 70's, 80's and some 90's, and instrumentals. I particularly like Orchestrated Soundtracks of the Movies. I tend to spend a lot of time on Pandora, Grooveshark, and iTunes online sites. I have a large collection of vinyl 33 1/3 RPM LP records and Albums, 78 RPM Bakelite Records and some 45 RPM records.

Favorite TV

I watched Star Trek TOS, TNG, and DS9. Voyager was OK but didn't get to see all of Enterprise. Guess I'll just have to be patient until I can watch Discovery. I like Star Gate 1 and got the entire collection on DVD. YESS!!! (didn't watch the Atlantis version). I enjoyed Andromeda, Babylon 5, original Battlestar Gallactica and there are a few others I can't think of right now.

Favorite Movies

I have seen most of the Star Wars, Star Trek,  Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter movies. I enjoy most ScienceFiction /Fantasy movies and Adventure movies. I like many of Robin Williams comedy movies and animated shows he voiced, Nicolas Cage and John Travolta adventure movies, Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott westerns. The list of movies are almost endless from Bridge at Ramagen to X-Men.

Favorite Books

I like Science Fictions books and Movies. I had a collection of many books but gave them to a nephew. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Harry Potter Books Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom Novels, DragonLance, Forgotten RealmsThieves World Series, The Greyhawk AdventuresRobert Asprin's MYTH Series, David Eddings' Belgariad, Malloreon and Elenium series, Christopher Stasheff's Warlock Series, Katherine Kurtz's Deryni Series, Roger Zelazny's Amber Series, Raymond Feist's Riftwar Saga, Fred Saberhagen's Sword Series, and Steven R. Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.  

 Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt, Kurt Austin and Oregon File Adventure Novels, Edward S. Aaron's Sam Durell and John D. McDonald's Travis McGee Spy Thrillers.

About Me

This is me, what I am and what I've become. This is what I think and how I feel. These are my views, opinions and truths of which I am presently in agreement. I am who I am and I appear as others perceive me. How others tend to perceive me is their right and therefore, also, is my right to ignore them. "TRUTH" is a perspective of REAL FACTS, an illusion of what one believes. Hopefully everyone's perspectives or truths are based on certifiable events and data rather than the delusions of what someone prefers.

I try to always speak what I believe to be truth and consider alternative... differing perspectives. If one doesn't maintain an open mind and cannot or will not consider alternate perspectives, they become just another rock or sinkhole on the landscape of possibilities, ideas, imagination and learning. Although my views may change on a daily basis, ethical and moral feelings pretty much remain constant.


I am the earth - the trees, my arms; the leaves, my eyes. When winter comes, I do not die but close my eyes, lose my leaves and sleep. In spring I open new eyes to experience the wonder of anticipated, essential and revitalizing change.



Presently I'm retired. I've done drafting most of my professional career, mostly structural and concrete with a little piping and pipeline when necessary. I worked direct with an Engineering and Construction firm for 15 years. Worked at three Nuclear Power plant job sites and numerous other jobs after that in Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Savannah, GA; Huntsville, AL, and Nashville, TN. My traveling days are over. When married, the wife said "You have a home here and I'm not moving all over the country." This is Houston, there should be plenty jobs around... for those with skills and certifications. I've found skills and cdrtified training is far more valuable than degrees and diplomas, course a Bachelor's Degree does wonders to get an interview and make that first impression.

After being terminated from my last job, I assisted my wife in her realty business, but would have liked to get back into drafting, something which I enjoyed. Ideally, I would have prefered to work at something enjoyable near home within walking or riding distance. Perhaps telecommuting is still an option? Oh, yeah... I'm presently retired and constantly reorganizing files on my home computer when not trying my hand at writing and terrorizing the English language with my grammar and sentence structure.

Views and Beliefs

I'm not a genius, sage, or oracle and certainly not qualified to inform others what they do or don't know, or even how they should or shouldn't do something. I certainly will not tell someone HOW to think. In times past, it has been my duty as parent to advise of the consequences of certain ideas or actions; and in that endeavor, I have tried to lead by example. What I AM qualified to do is say what and how I FEEL, regardless of others' opinions (of my feelings).  

With that qualification is the acknowledgement that not everyone believes as me and while I have a universal right to freedom of expression and speech, there are limitations; I (and others) do not have the right to expect others to agree with what is said. I believe that all people have the right to their opinions and furthermore have the right to express those opinions without intimidation of confrontation or incarceration from others. 

I further believe that the "freedom of speech and/or expression" does not extend to a presumed right to vandalize, destroy, rudely slander, verbally abuse, accost, or threaten anyone or anything. Neither is it within those same rights to forcibly subject views and opinions upon others with non-similar views and opinions. 

I normally try to say what I believe to be truthful and therefore not be purposefully deceitful in my discussions. I do however occasionally respond to confrontational and argumentative, single-minded extremists with sarcastic jests when it's obvious they are too dense to realize they've lost their argument.

I'm also well aware that regardless of how much someone tries, they can't please everyone and there will always be others wanting him or her to fail at any cost. I believe there's a German word for those people... "Schadenfreude".


Although I've had to get rid of most my firearms and reloading equipment, I do still have a few handguns, both cartridge and black powder. I like genealogy and have even looked into hearaldry. I started just putting together names and dates. When I found out many other people were working on moms side of the family, I decided to look into dads side. He wasn’t much help really, he usually said something about leaving the dead alone. Not too much was known about his ancestry anyway and the more I looked, the more conflicts began to appear. Even manuscripts that appear highly referenced and documented with citations are contested by the files and manuscripts of others. Can you believe this is what I do to relax? Genealogy surely is a frustrating hobby. At one time I collected stamps, and still have them. I used to take a lot of pictures but later lost my (2) 35 mm SLR Minoltas and most photography accessories in a divorce... lost in a fire as I usually refer to it. After getting a digital camera, taking pictures became so easy that it seems to have lost some appeal. There's just something about using an SLR and I do still want a "Digital Single Lens Reflex" camera with the exchangeable lenses.

Another thing I have come to like recently is internet surfing and reflecting on the type of people I converse with over the internet and their knowledge and experience. It's just astounding the caliber of people I can converse with that I probably would not have the chance otherwise. There are cartoonists, novelists, inventors, instructors, military officers, linguists, musicians, chefs, airline pilots, race car drivers, truckers, philosophers, doctors, poets, and many of them are actually very personable, funny people. These people come from all over the world and meet in various forums and other sites to discuss political implications, philosophical ramifications, moral and ethical actions, scientific possibilities of time travel and magic. It's a community. 

Like others before me have said "This internet is wonderful, how did we ever get along without it". I can't wait for the armband Library Computer Access Retrieval System interface that could sync with an implant in the arm and able to transmit accessed data through biological nerves already present in the human body. A high-tech contact lense could then provide an HUD without need of a monitor or external glasses, and audio could be received like the data by the ear via biological nerves. 


I ice skated and bowled some about 25 years ago. I still have the bowling equipment and the shoes still fit. I once had a professional pair of Harlick and Bauer skates but... lost them "in a fire" (divorce). Maybe some day I'll try again to see if I can find my center of gravity, used to be something else I enjoyed, then I'll be able to do a little body trimming. I like riding my motorcycle. Many of the South-East Texas farm-to-market roads are great for riding. I would like the opportunity on weekends to hop on the bike and ride to Madisonville, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio or other places at some distance. Wife said "No way"; now, though... only thing holding me back is a dog that neds constant attention and the price of gas. Nashville is a great place to have a bike with all those hills and winding roads around and between them. I'm sure Kentucky has some really great riding roads also. I have always wanted to ride a motorcycle up California's scenic pacific coast along State Route 1, however, it doesn't seem that likely anymore. 


Don't even get me started on politics. Although I don't follow it like many of today's armchair political analysts, doesn't mean I don't care what's happening or what people think of our country. I just realistically understand that regardless of what some people say, I don't feel that our present system functions adequately for my vote to be of any significance. I can do without the radical hothead wing-nuts who live to spout the propaganda rhetoric of their affiliated political party prophets or messiah. Furthermore, I think that many incumbent politicians are ambitious opportunists looking to better themselves in wealth, society, and power. I don't follow any partisan political dogma. I have my ideas and perceptions about what I feel is right and wrong. I also have my opinions about what people should be able to do and what they should avoid. I realize that depending upon circumstances and various perspectives, my views change depending on the situation and other mitigating factors of those affected or involved. Because of all these variables and persons who would control others by taking advantage of circumstances for their personal benefit and profit, I prefer to avoid the political fiasco which makes fools of better people than me.

I don't believe present political parties help this nation or government except to polarize people rather than to bring them together and it seems their main purpose is to villianize the other party rather than work together for the good of the nation. The Democrat and Republican party represents neither Liberal nor Conservative ideals but their own parties against all others. At one time I considered the Electoral College to have been worthwhile in years past before TV, telephone, and the internet for district representation and now outdated; and for political office elections, I also considered the "winner take all" electoral method in elections as opposed to the popular vote as highly unfair and made a mockery of the election process, and other primary evils along with corporate campaign contributions, bribery and negative campaignings against other candidates rather than proclaiming your experience, accomplishments and abilities towards how your leadership would be most beneficial to an efficiently managed congress in government.

The political system is far too complex, unethical and contains too much corruption bending the laws for their benefit for my approval and I would prefer to refrain from actively participating in such blatantly deceitful manipulations. But my concience won't allow that easily an escape; so I'm obligated to read what I can to vote for the most qualified candidates for U.S. President, my district's U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative as well as State's Governot and State district Senator and Representative.


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