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 Shelton Branch

Questions abound concerning lineage, ancestry, and parentage.

David Shelton was born Nov. 1818 in North Carolina and came to Tennessee where he met and married Martha J. Henderson (Hendrickson?) in Grainger Co, Tennessee. Who were his parents and can they be traced back to Rural Plains, Hanover Co., Virginia or Shelton Laurel, Madison Co., North Carolina before the infamous massacre of accused Union sympathizers by a Confederate regiment in 1863.

Brothers George Washington and John Thomas Farris married sisters Nancy H. and Martha H. Shelton; daughters of Samuel "Waddy" Shelton and Jane "Jenny" Henderson. Various sources indicate Samuel as the son of Samuel Selton, Jr. and Sara Waddy while other sources indicate Samuel as the son of Peter Shelton and Frances Nuckols. Peter Shelton and Samuel Shelton, Jr. are 6th cousins once removed through Ralph Shelton and Mary Wodehouse. Who were the real parents of Samuel "Waddy" Shelton whose daughters married the Farris brothers.

Is there a Henderson connection between Martha J. Henderson who married David Shelton and Jane "Jenny" Henderson who married Samuel "Waddy" Shelton?

Who is the real Mary Ann Shelton who married Jonathan J. Hale on 01 Aug, 1825 McMinn, Tennessee. Jonathan Hale was born about 1800 in South Carolina. Was she born 01 Mar. 1801 in Granger Co, Tennessee, 01 Mar. 1804 in Granger Co, Tennessee, or 01 Mar 1804 in Knox Co., Tennessee. Who was her father, John Shelton or James Shelton.

Maybe I'll delve into the fiasco of Anne Boleyn and Sir John Shelton once I better understand some inconsistancies and discrepancies within the Colonies.